Weight Loss Benefits

Improved Quality of Life

Weight loss surgery can improve your quality of life in various ways. The constant preoccupation with food and feeling hungry you had before surgery will decrease. During the time you lose substantial weight, you'll discover that your energy level has increased and daily activities will not tire you out any more. Post sugery, in just a few weeks or months gone, you'll start to experience a higher self-esteem of how you look and feel. You may find more outside interests and become more active. People who lose unnecessary weight benefit from lower blood pressure, lower risk for heart disease, less prone to diabetes, self-esteem rises, self-confidence, and other benefits. Because so themajority of the public are have pre-conditions against people overweight, losing weight will help you become more socially accepted in many cliques and social circles. it may unlock windows of opportunity that were previously closed such as emloyment, friendships, and intimate relationships. One must understand that gastric lap band and bariatric surgery are not magic solutions for weight loss. There are things one must begin to do daily to maintain the new look you have.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is a type of weight loss surgery procedure (also called Sleeve Gastrectomy or just the "Sleeve") is successfully done by qualified bariatric surgeons in the U.S. and abroad.

Vertical Gastrectomy: How it Works

This procedure produces weight loss only by gastric restriction (decreased stomach volume). The newly restricted stomach is done by splitting it vertically and taking out upwards of 85% of it which by the way is an irreversible action. The stomach that remains has a tendency to resemble a banana and measures from 1-2 ounces (40-60cc) centered on the surgeon carrying out the procedure. The nerve fibres to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) are still intact for the purpose of safeguarding the stomach function while decreasing the fullness. In contrast to the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is divided up, not extracted, and the pylorus is omitted. Another differnce is the the Roux-en-y gastric bypass procedure is reversible, if necessary. Note: this procedure has only a stomach reduction, not an intestinal bypass.


  • The volume of the stomach is reduced but typically operates the same so many foods are able to be consumed, although from now on, in just small amounts.
  • It takes out the stomach area that makes the hormones that activates hunger(Ghrelin).
  • No dumping syndrome because the pylorus is preserved.
  • Decreases the risk of an ulcer happening.
  • The risk of intestinal blockage (obstruction) is virtually none since the procedure avoids the intestinal bypass, so anemia, osteoporosis, protein deficiency and vitamin deficiency are not a factor.
  • Extremely effective as a primary phase procedure for high BMI patients (BMI>55 kg/m2). Of the few low BMI patients (BMI 35-45 kg/m2) results appear to be positive as a single phase procedure.
  • Attractive choice for patients with existing anemia, Crohn's disease and many other conditions that make them very high risk for intestinal bypass procedures.
  • Can be performed laparoscopically in patients who weigh greater than 500 pounds.


  • Possibilities for insufficient weight loss or regaining the weight. This is true for all procedures, however, the possibility increases more with procedures that do not involve intestinal bypass.
  • High BMI patients are more probable to have a second stage procedure later to help lose more weight. Two stages may in the final analysis be the safest and most effective way to go for high BMI patients.
  • Soft calories such as ice cream, milk shakes, etc can be absorbed and may slow down any weight loss.
  • This procedure has stomach stapling and which makes leaks and other difficulties associated to stapling may happen.
  • Due to the stomach being taken out, it is irreversible. It can be changed to basically any other weight loss procedure.
Remain Inside!

Remain Inside!

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What Is The Lap Band Procedure?

The Lap Band procedure is a minimally invasive surgery to make the stomach hold less food than it currently does to help patients lose weight.  It is performed by making small incisions or a single incision (the newer "micro Lap Band" procedure) in the patients belly. There is not any need of stapling or repositioning or removing of your gastrointestinal tract. A silicone ring is placed around the upper part of the stomach and filled with saline which makes a little pouch that limits your intake of food. The lap band surgeon can change the stomach size by adding or subtracting saline, and adjustments can be done without surgery. Your tolerance for sweets and sugary foods will still be there as it is not changed. What will change is your sense of feeling full to occuring a lot sooner than before the procedure. One small side effect is you will be more at risk for lack of nutrients should you neglect eating the recommended healthy foods or merely overlook the fact to eat by passing up a meal.

So, Is It Risky or Not?

According to many doctors who perform the "LAP-BAND Procedure", they regard it as the least dangerous, minimally invasive and has minimal discomfort of the many choices in weight-loss surgery. The laparoscopic system also the advantages of considerably less pain following the operation, leave the same day or just one-day hospital stay, along with a speedier healing period.

Potential Risks of Obesity

Obesity is becoming a health epidemic globally. According to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are no age or racial groups immune to the rapidly spreading condition throughout the country and world. Just within the U.S. alone, there are roughly one-quarter of the population in the U.S. is considered obese and an additional 97 million Americans are overweight or on the edge of being categorized as obese.

Morbid Obesity

An individual who is categorized as morbidly obese is in most cases someone who weighs approximately two times their size or well over 100 pounds than the person's optimal weight or has a body mass index (BMI) beyond 40. The National Institutes of Health report that morbid obesity may significantly decrease life expectancy and is related to a higher risk| of developing major health conditions which include:
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hypertension
  • Joint Problems
  • Cancer
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Respiratory Problems
My Marijuana Plant And I. Part 2

My Marijuana Plant And I. Part 2

For reasons unknown, growing a peppy little marijuana plant in my garden has titillated my companions and neighbors to a remarkable degree. Everyone wanted to observe my plant. It was through one of those well-wishers that I got my first scare and found out that indeed, all was not well with the plant. With a....

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass surgery works by allowing the food a person eats to bypass an area of the small intestine which subsequently creates a smaller stomach. The end result is your stomach will feel full much faster than when your stomach had its usual shape, which cuts down your food intake and also the calories consumed. This leads to weight loss. The procedure does require stapling a portion of the stomach. The most common type of gastric bypass surgery is the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.


The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, the stomach is made smaller by making a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach by stapling it together or through vertical banding. The small part of the stomach is joined to the center part of the small intestine (jejunum), bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine (duodenum). The procedure is completed using a laparoscope (a thin telescope for viewing inside the abdomen) in most patients. The surgery shows minor scarring when carried out using this method. The Gastric Bypass surgical operation reduces the stomach size by to 1-2 ounces.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass

Some excerpts from a Chicago study in January 2008 prove Gastric Bypass surgery's value. "Out of all the therapies we have today, it has very little risk and it's the most effective," claimed Dr. John Dixon of Monash University Medical School in Melbourne, Australia, the research studies chief author. The patients had gastric band surgery, a procedure more common in Australia than in the United States, where gastric bypass surgery, or stomach stapling, thrives with the masses. Dr. David Cummings, of the University of Washington in Seattle, published another editorial in the journal but did not participate in the study mentioned that, "Remission of diabetes is achievable in as little as a few days up to a month with gastric bypass. For the most part society has looked at diabetes as a disease that intensifies with time reoccurs. Now with these studies, there is a genuine optimism for curing a large number of patients."

Best Kush Strains

A potent THC strain is the goal of every cannabis enthusiast out there, at least most of them. Well, OG and Kush strains are at the top of the ladder when it comes to THC concentration. In the below post, we are going to dwell on the Kush strains and discuss some of the best on the market that you can get. The origin of Kush strains is Pakistan, northwest India, and Afghanistan. The strain gets its name from “Hindu Krush,” a mountain chain border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Currently, there are numerous Kush strains, mostly hybrids, and they are different from each other. The following list will help you on how to choose the best kush strain.

12 Best Kush Strains

#1 OG Kush

OG Kush has its place as the most potent THC strain, and therefore, a favorite of many cannabis users. The concentration average is around 27%, and the consumers feel an uplift in their mood and euphoria. Effects of OG Kush are mainly in the brain, but it also has some therapeutic benefits. The strain can help with appetite loss, nausea and pain. OG Kush is a crossbreed between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Unfortunately, breeding this high THC strain is not a walk in the park. So, if you are after the best OG Kush, get it from a reliable supplier.

#2 Hindu Kush

Hot on the heels of the best OG strain is Hindu Kush. Its average THC content is between 15 and 20%. Hindu Kush is a favorite for people looking for help with anxiety and stress relief, and can also be useful with nausea. Because of the high THC concentration, it is recommended to take the Hindu Kush during the evening. It can affect your alertness. Apart from its relaxation effects, cannabis connoisseur associates with its oak, wood pine or a lemon aroma.

#3 Bubba Kush

The best Bubba Kush has a THC concentration of around 23%. Its relaxation and calming properties make it helpful with insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. Bubba Kush is not very difficult to grow, and a beginner can try it out. The Kush strain has a characteristic strong harsh smell that can induce coughing, especially among beginners.

#4 Purple Kush

The characteristics of Purple Kush are calmness relaxation and sleepiness. However, the associated effects are developed slowly, despite having a high THC concentration of around 23%. The waiting period for the effect to kick in is probably the main difference between purple kush and other Kush strains. It is helpful for people that have trouble sleeping or undergoing a depressive period. Purple Kush has an exotic taste of sandalwood and grapes. It is a crossbreed of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush.

#5 Master Kush

Master Kush is associated with enhanced creativity and intellectual skills, according to many users. It’s claimed therapeutic benefits are stress depression and anxiety. Master Kush is quite common in the Netherlands, where it was initially bred.

#6 Skywalker OG

Beginners may as well be advised to stay away from this Kush strain, as it is the strongest among them. The high THC concentration of around 30% and quick effects create a feeling of flying in the clouds, as the name suggests. Skywalker OG has an original spicy and herbal taste. This train is helpful with chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.

#7 Afghan Kush

The Afghan Kush is undoubtedly calming. However, it is also associated with laziness and lack of productivity. Enjoy it after a hard day at work, and not any other time of the day. The Kush strain is helpful with chronic pain and insomnia. The associated taste is woody, spicy, and herbal, like the other Kush strains.

#8 Vanilla Kush

The unique vanilla flavor is among the properties that make these Kush strain a favorite of many weed connoisseurs. It is a high THC level strain with sedative effects.

#9 Lemon Kush

The blend of sativa and indica genes is what makes this cannabis strain Relaxing and stimulating. It has a sweet citrus and fresh flavor that most weed connoisseurs find interesting.

#10 Power Kush

The power Kush produces a balanced high, which is a blend of relaxing and uplifting effects. The woody and citrus smell is more apparent when you smoke it. Power Kush is simple to grow, especially if you have adequate space and sun.

#11 Cataract Kush

The couch-lock strain has powerful sedative and relaxing effects. Cataract Kush has a conspicuous fruity taste and is popular among growers. The strain is easy to cultivate.

#12 Critical Kush

Critical Kush is award-winning and most helpful with insomnia and depression. The THC level of critical Kush is around 26%, and the CBD is 2%. The smell is spicy and earthy with undertones of lemon and citrus. The strain is not difficult to grow.

Cbd Oil for Cats

CBD oil is a natural compound that can be extracted from the cannabis flower, a plant with medicinal functions that can be used in different ways. Years of research have shown that this plant has medicinal benefits and its application in pets is legally accepted and available in many countries worldwide. Thus, is CBD oil safe for cats? Although there is no scientific basis approved by veterinary medicine, a lot of information about the benefits that this product can provide has been expanding and its use has been increasing. what is the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil?. CBD oil is not toxic, it is a completely natural substance that does not cause addictive or psychotropic effects in regulated dosage and it can be used in animals such as dogs and cats because, like other mammals, they have an endocannabinoid system that regulates important physiological functions such as immunity, mood, sleep and pain. The receptors of this apparatus are found throughout the body and the active compounds of Cannabis can influence them, therefore, the advantages of using CBD oil are countless. However, it can generate side effects such as sedation and gastrointestinal damage that can be coped with the reduction or discontinuation of the dose, for this reason, it is always advisable to administer any type of treatment based on this component under specialized medical supervision.

What is CBD oil generally used for?

– For improving movement and natural activity of the animal. – For helping pets experience calm and relaxed behavior, with less stress and anxiety. – For contributing to the proper functioning of their gastrointestinal tract. – For reducing chronic pain. – For improving in neurological functions.

What is the appropriate dosage to be administered in cats?

The amount of CBD oil that can be given to an animal always depends on factors such as weight, age and condition, because of that, it is prudent to follow a veterinarian’s prescription. CBD negative side effects. However, it is generally recommended to start with a dose of 1 mg – 5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. It is also important to be attentive to the response that the animal has to the consumption of the medication and to the effects that this causes in it. Recommended dosage of CBD for common cat conditions: – Arthritis: 0.5mg/kg twice daily – Asthma: 0.5mg/kg twice daily – Inflammatory bowel disease: 0.2mg/kg twice daily – Pancreatitis: 0.1mg/kg twice daily, gradually increasing to 0.5mg/kg twice daily – Chronic upper respiratory tract infections: 5mg/kg twice daily – Seizures: 0.5mg/kg twice daily and then increase gradually—maximum dosage for treating seizures can be up to 3mg of CBD per kg weight of your cat.

What are the benefits of CBD oil in cats?

There are many benefits that can be obtained from CBD oil and there are still many to be discovered. Its usage is generally preventive because, over the years, cats tend to become more prone to diseases. CBD oil is usually related to the healing of inflammations and chronic pain, so it can be helpful for the treatment of diseases such as: arthritis, pancreatitis, neuropathy pain, intestinal inflammation, asthma, nerve-related pain, among others. How to use cbd oil tincture. In addition, it is used effectively to reduce the frequency of epileptic episodes or seizures, to prevent or relieve anxiety and, even, it has properties that promote homeostasis in the body, a process that supports the response of the immune system to confront cancers cells. In the same way, the CBD oil can have a topical use, that is, it can be applied on the external surface of the body to improve the skin and care for the coat. Furthermore, it can be employed to cure irritation.

What side effects can it cause?

The side effects of CBD oil consumption in animals depends on its administration, if this is appropriate, there should be no serious secondary results. Usually, owners report that, at the beginning, their cats may suffer short periods of sedation or laziness and then they show signs of euphoria or joy and great physical activity. Yet, it is really necessary paying attention to the patient’s condition after ingesting a dose the first few times since its body can react in different ways to adapt itself to a new substance introduced into its body. Source: https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-cbd-oil-for-cats-how-does-it-work-n935.
Growing Herbs Year Round for Food and Medicine

Growing Herbs Year Round for Food and Medicine

Fresh herbs are magnificent to use in the kitchen to upgrade season and nourishing value of your meal. Purchasing planters to sit on a windowsill or kitchen counter can add to your kitchen stylistic theme and freshen the air, so regardless of whether you own a garden or not, you may need a couple pots of your most used herbs and plants all through the year.

Regrowing Leeks in Water

We stuck the base of some natural leeks from the store into a glass of water and they began growing like there’s no tomorrow! So now we’re trying different things like growing them in the kitchen window as opposed to hurling the stubs. Most times, a decent hydroponic pot or something similar to that works best. In addition to adding flavor to your meals, leeks are a rich store of hydroponic nutrients! No kitchen windowsill, no problems? Not having a windowsill does not mean you cannot grow herbs. You can simply utilize shop light, grow light or—in the event that you have space in your financial plan—a lovely plant tower close to a window or led grow light. These towers can be stacked to be shorter or taller Besides cooking needs, herbs can make an extraordinary augmentation to spice up dips, sandwiches and salads. You can add freshly cut herbs to your cool or high temp water to soak for added nutrition or flavor, or place the dried herbs in a tea ball or herb strainer spoon for hot tea. When you plant herbs, they’ll be snacking on springs of cilantro, mint, basil and parsley. When you treat a palette to the freshest, most beneficial nourishment on the planet, you know, from your garden, each chomp of crisp delivered is significantly more nourishing. When you fill yourself up with great meals, your hunger for junk lessens. For the wellbeing of your family, developing these propensities will serve your youngsters with a heritage they will probably pass down affectionately to their children. In the event that you develop your own particular herbs, it’s anything but difficult to develop them naturally, to build their wholesome, therapeutic advantage.

Grow Your Medicine

While we may disclaim any medical suggestions, it is true that these plants and herbs have been proven time and time again to have medical advantages. Counteractive action and natural cures are quite a lot less expensive, so we in our family we generally try them out first. Obviously, you should look for suitable medical counsel and take after what’s appropriate for you. This information is to be instructive and supportive and isn’t prescriptive. Primary concern: Herbs are supplement thick, season stuffed super foods that are anything but difficult to grow and simple to utilize. Spare cash on costly supplements of questionable strength and quality and get effective nutrition straight from nature’s pharmacy. If you happen to be growing herbs as you read this, then you realize that extraordinary feeling of having freshly dried herbs in jars in your kitchen cupboard. If you’re not growing herbs, start looking for ways to make it a new tradition.