What are the different types of best survival canteen?

If you are stick in the wild and have to meet the demands of living in the rough, you will need food, survival clothing, and most important is water to sustains life. Perhaps, dehydration is one of the biggest problems that you will be confronted with in the wilderness.

This is why when it comes to survival tools, best survival canteen is should not be overlooked and undervalued. If you are thinking about purchase on the survival canteen for your next trip, this post will introduce to you the different types of it.

There are two main types of survival canteen: standard metal canteen & water bladder canteen. They sever for significantly different purposes.


#1 The standard survival canteen

The fact that this is the great type of survival canteen than we want to recommend you. As they are made of metal, you can boil water straight thru the bottle, that means you can sanitize water or cook food on a campfire with the standard survival canteen.

Besides, they are usually come with a cup that slots right into it, you also can use the cup to boil water without any additional piece of equipment. On the other hand, the water bladder cannot be placed directly on the fire, so you might buying a standard style one to make up for its shortcomings.

The other standard canteen’s feature that we like is theri metal body. With the canteen that made of metal, it will last for longer and also easier to maintaint.

#2 The water bladder

It is easy to see that water bladder will have higher capacity than the standard survival canteen. Since the standard canteen usually come with 1 qt or 1.2 qt of capacity, the water bladder can hold for 2 quarters of water. 2 quarts of water is the amount of water you need per day, that means you may have to refill your metal canteen twice a day. This is especially inconvenient if the water unavailable.

During the hot days of summer, the water bladder still keeps the water cool due to the insulating wool lining. Water bladders are much better than metal survival canteens for keeping water cool because metal is material that good at conductor heat. The water inside metal bottle is also heat up quickly as the heat is transferred from the surrounding air temperature.

It is obvious that you cannot put the water bladder straight onto the fire, but you still can sanitize the water by chemical sanitizers. However, the water will still not as fresh as boiled water, instead it’ll have a slight chemical smell.