When should you throw away your non-stick omelette pans?

The best non-stick omelette pans are handy tool in the kitchen that help you make perfect omelettes, they are also easy to use and easy to clean.

However, once the non-stick coating breaks down, it can be cause for concern. Depending on the type of non-stick coating on your pan, the peeling non-stick coating can release unhealthy, potentially toxic vapours. This is why it is important to know when you should pick up a replacement.



#1 Significant of scratches in the non-stick surface

Nowadays, the non-stick omelette pans not include PFOA (PFOAs were proven to contain cancer-causing chemicals) anymore, however, they could still come with unhealthy chemicals or even dangerous compounds.

If you see the coating finish on your nonstick omelette pans starts to peel or gets pitted or scratches, that means the nonstick surface has been compromised and the chemicals could be flaking off into your food. To be safe, it’s best to replace them.

#2 The pan is warped

Actually, warping is not a sign of dangerous, but it can mean that you cannot cook your food with highest quality. The warped pan will lead that your cooking surface will be uneven and your food won’t cook uniformly.

There are some points in the pan will receive higher temperature and some are lower, this is safer for consumption, you should replace your warped pans.

#3 The non-stick pan is discoloration

Discoloration can be occurred by food build up over time. Some light discoloration isn’t a big deal, it is quite normal with all the old pans. However, if you see your pan bottom are turn to dark, it could mean the nonstick coating has been damaged. At that point, it is time to throw away your nonstick omelette pan.

#4 Average life span of a non-stick omelette pans

There is the basic rule that you should replace a non-stick pan approximately every five years of using. The nonstick pans and cannot last forever. When they start to appear warped, discolored or scratched, these are the signs that tell you should stop using them.

You can extend the time of using your non-stick omelette pans by properly maintain them. There are some tips to maintain non-stick omelette pans are: do not use sharp or abrasive objects on your pans, washing by hand, cook over low and medium heat.