Why should you make your own horse fly repellent for humans?

When it comes to horses keeping, there are some trials that you have to face. One of them is a horse fly. They are a nuisance for both livestock and humans. The bit of these buzzing, biting, annoying flies are very painful.

Although there are many different types of commercial horse fly spray available out there, you should made your own homemade best horse fly repellent for humans. The store bought fly repellents contain chemicals that smell harsh, and get absorbed by your skin.

#1 what contain in commercial horse fly spray?

Almost all of the fly repellents currently on the market that are formulated for horses are based on a chemical called pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is made of chrysanthemum flowers.

This chemical has a power to knockdown the flies immediately after you spray them. The good new is that Pyrethrum is environmental friendly, it is decomposes quickly when expose in the sunlight. It dose not leave any harmful residues.

These is also other chemical that commonly used in human fly repellents is DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). According to study, exposure to high concentrations of DEET might pose health hazard for human.

#2 Disadvantages of Pyrethrum and DEET

Luckily, the Pyrethrum and DEET contents that may contain in commercial horse fly spray and human fly repellents are well below the estimated lethal dose for a human. That means they are not cause a death.

However, some studies show that with heavy exposure to DEET and other insecticides, human may get some health issues such as headache, dizziness, nausea, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc. You may notice these symptoms immediately but after times it will cause bad affects to your health.

These chemicals are easily absorbed across the lungs and skin. Therefor, children are more susceptible by these chemicals.

#3 Homemade horse fly repellent for humans is cheaper

The homemade repellent for humans is not only helps you avoid the unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals, the using the prepared ingredients that can easy find in your home also a good way to save your money.

If you are looking for natural fly sprays product that do not contain DEET, it may very expensive.

Instead, you can easy look for natural fly spray receipt on Internet. A homemade repellent can be used on people and pets and is effective for as long as the scent is still obvious. Some herbs and essential oils such as Eucalyptus oil, Cedarwood Oil, Citronella Oil, Peppermint Oil can be use as the ingredients of horse fly repellent for humans.