Useful Tips For Using Your Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Even when you found suitable bedding for your guinea pigs, there are lots of things you should consider when using this bedding.

The best bedding for guinea pigs will not only depend on the bedding itself, but it is also affected by another factor such as your cage size, your time, and your budget.

Guinea pigs are adorable little animals, but the fact that they are poop and pee a lot. And it is very difficult to keep the cage clean and smelling fresh.

In order to help you eliminate and reduce the smell and mess in your guinea pig’s cage, here are some tips you should follow to ensure your guinea pigs are comfortable and happy in their cage with the best guinea pig bedding for odor.

Using a large cage

This thing will make a big difference. With the large cages, you will not have to change the bedding as frequently because a large space will better at the control odor.

The depth

Your guinea pigs may prefer to burrow in their bedding. You should provide them enough amount of bedding and ensure that it is quite deep for guinea pig burrow in it comfortably.

Dry bedding

The best bedding for guinea pig odor control must be really dry. Whatever material of bedding you are using, ensure that you will get started will dry bedding. The wet or not completely dry bedding can be the environment for the growth of mold, bacteria and cause the risk for your guinea pig’s health.

Using the absorbent layer

It will make the breakthrough for your cage if you place the absorbent layer under the bedding in the guinea pigs cage. It could be the disposable pad, puppy pad, and towels on the bottom of the cage with the bedding on top.

This layer will absorb all the moisture of the bedding material. This has made it very easy to keep the cage clean and reduce the smell. You can replace this layer once per week.

Daily cleaning

If you are really concerned bout your guinea pig’s comfort and you have free time, you must clean the dirty spots in the cage and remove the wet areas once per day. It is always better to replace hay bedding daily.

Weekly cleaning

Cleaning the entire cage for once or twice a week. Take all the bedding, litter box and feeding bowl out of the cage. Spray it down with vinegar and water; wipe the cage floor and walls.