8 Tips To Host A Back To School Pool Party For Kids

There is no easy way to say goodbye to summer and hello to school season, especially for kids! To make things more bearable, why not host a pool party at your backyard oasis? It does not need to be extravagant. However, there are some things that you need to do to make it fun for the little ones, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.


Prioritize Safety

On the top of the list is to make sure that the kids will be safe with pool alarm while they have fun in the pool. An easy way to do this is to install an above ground pool ladder so that it will be easy to get on and off the pool. See to it as well that the floor is not-slippery. Cleaning the pool is also important to get rid of dirt that could put their health at risk.

Add A Slide

A slide is a fun add-on to a pool, but not a lot of people actually have one. For the back-to-school party, buy a slide that the kids will enjoy. It can be installed permanently in the pool. This will be an excellent way for kids to have fun in the water during the party.

Plan Activities Outside Of The Pool

Even if the pool is inviting, kids won’t spend most of the time soaked in the water. With this, it is also important to plan activities when they are outside. Some of the best include water gun fight hula hoop competition, scavenger hunt, jumbo Jenga, poolside bowling, and croquet. More than the games, be sure to provide prizes as well to encourage the kids to join.

Choose A Theme

It will be good to start the planning by picking a theme or tara liner. Once you have a theme in mind, it will be easier to think of the other things, including the décor, as well as the foods and drinks that will be served. Safari, beach, and pirate themes are some of the most popular. Find a theme that kids will be able to relate to.

Send Out Invites

In a time when invites can be given electronically through creating a Facebook event, dare to be different. A DIY pool float invitation will surely make kids excited about the party. You can customize a pool float with the details regarding the party. The best thing is that the float can actually be used!

Have A Tattoo Or Face Painting Station

Another way to make the back to school pool party fun is to have a station where kids can have their skin tattooed temporarily. This is a good way to keep the kids entertained. Aside from tattoos, face painting might also work!

Install A Photo Booth

A party won’t be complete without taking photos. Even kids like having playful photos. It will be best to have a dedicated area that you can decorate based on the theme of the party. Create a backdrop that will attract kids to take a snap to make the party more memorable.

Give Party Favors

Kid’s parties are never complete without a loot bag or party favors. Since it is a back to school pool party, it will be best to give guests something that they can actually use in school, such as a lunch box, pen, paper, or a bag.
After weeks of being on a vacation, it is hard to get back to school. Make it easier for the little ones by hosting a back to school pool party!


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