4 Easy-To-Grow Herbs That Are Ideal For Amateur Gardeners

Do you enjoy cooking? Then you need to grow some new culinary herbs for your kitchen.

In the event that you cherish the essence of fresh herbs in your meals, you should also consider growing herbs. What’s considerably sweeter is that it is great for your health and your wallet too.

The accompanying list of easy growing culinary herbs can help you begin your journey.


Cilantro is one of my most loved herbs and can be grown at home all year round. In our case, we make a lot of Latin dishes so cilantro is constantly on the recipe.

Also when we prepare Puerto Rican sofrito or basic sofrito, you can find cilantro as one of the key ingredients.

Are you a fan of marinade meat? How about considering growing cilantro to spice your meals and come up with a great taste?

This brings us to the question; how is cilantro grown?

Cilantro is easily grown by obtaining seeds from a seed store. It is a good thing that seeds are not expensive so they can be found at a local dollar store near you.


Basil is an exceptionally prominent herb and one that is so flexible and super simple easy to grow. The truth is that anybody at all can grow this herb!

All you require is a little pot and an area with a considerable measure of light, similar to a radiant windowsill.

Like I said before basic can be grown all year round and it isn’t difficult to care for by any means.

Amid the cultivating season, matching a new succulent tomato with new mozzarella and newly picked basil is the most meal you can have.

Utilize your most loved balsamic dressing, pepper, salt and extra virgin oil, and you got yourself a scrumptious entrée.


Rosemary herbs can be grown right from the seeds, however, you can easily locate a small rosemary herb plant in the market, equipment retailers, and nearby garden center.

When the winter comes, you can bring your rosemary plant indoor and place close to a windowsill and water occasionally.

In the event that you stay in the northern hemisphere, the sun can be provided by keeping the plant in a southern window and your rosemary plant will much obliged!


Rosemary is used for meals and marinades, for example, beef, pork and roasted chicken. Truly, have you noticed how delectable simmered potatoes blend well with rosemary? You should try it!

Another added advantage to the rosemary herb plant is that it looks pretty when grown and can serve as a decor plant.


Thyme is another easy to grow herb that won’t give you problems if you happen to be a novice cultivator. Thyme can be found in numerous meals and dishes such as meat-based meals and stews.

A lovely way to grow thyme is to plant them on your walkway. As people pass by and brush against the plant, it releases a lovely aroma.

If you have thyme as part of your landscape plants, do not cook with them, especially if you own pets.

Lemon thyme additionally adds a surprising hint of citrus flavor to whatever dish you prepare it with.


As a novice or amateur gardener, mistakes are bound to happen but that, of course, is part of the learning process!

These four culinary herbs are so natural and won’t stress you growing them. With just a little space in your home or workplace, you can grow them all year long

It will save you the cost of having to purchase them every time at a store but most importantly, you will have a meal spiced up with a delicious fresh taste

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