Bamboo Pit Viper (Trimeresurus gramineus) Viperidae

Viper Snake Bite: Things You Need to Know

Vipers are amongst the deadliest snakes that you could ever encounter. Scientifically known as Viperidae, they have long and hinged fangs. All of the species that belong to this group are venomous, which is why they are dreaded. Those that thrive in the tropical areas are believed to be more poisonous. They have a triangular head and their venom is placed in the glands of their mouth.

Bamboo Pit Viper (Trimeresurus gramineus) Viperidae
Bamboo Pit Viper (Trimeresurus gramineus) Viperidae 

Vipers have Extreme Fangs

The deadly viper snake bites will originate from their fangs. Once they get in contact with the skin after you are bitten, this is when the venom will transfer to their body. Their fangs are elongated, hinged, hollow, and rotatable. Its fangs can rotate either individually or as a group. They lie against the roof of the mouth when the fangs are not used.

Their fangs do not always inject venom. There is a condition that is known as a dry bite. With the latter, their fangs will pierce the skin without eliminating venom. Because of this, the venom can be conserved for the next bite, and this will make it more dangerous.

You Can be Bitten in a Split Second

Agile and deadly – these are two of the things that could best describe viper snakes. On the ground, when you first spot them, they may seem docile and slow. The reason for this is because they are trying to create a camouflage, making it harder to spot them. However, once they are able to spot a target, they can quickly bite before you can even notice it. In fact, they can strike within a quarter of a second. The puff adder, one of the types of viper snake, is also believed to be quicker than any human, which means that there is no escaping its wrath.

The Have Enzymatic Venom that Causes Tissue Decay

It should also be noted that the viper snakes have enzymatic venoms, making their bites deadly. Within a few seconds, they can cause pain and swelling. Worse, they can result in necrosis. The latter refers to the death of cells due to the failure to be supplied with blood. The viper will kill the cells, causing the tissues or decay. This can cause the blood pressure to suddenly become erratic and can kill a person right away.  Vipers may be unable to swallow you whole, but the pain that they can cause will be very immense. They break down lipids, cells, and tissues quickly after being bitten.

To prevent the venom from a viper snake bite, you should use top-rated products for poisoning. Upon ingestion, it can attack their body and kill them before they can wreak havoc on humans. More so, because their poison can attack the cells quickly, more often than not, you will not have the time to treat the bite before the worst thing can happen.

Knowledge is power especially when it comes to viper snake bites. Take note of the things mentioned above and be in the know to prevent deadly accidents!

Remain Inside!

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Florida is known as the lightning capital of the United States. There is a better chance that you might get struck by lightning here than any other part of the country. To make things worsen standing around in the wet sand in the middle of a lightning storm, getting on a roof or crawling on a best deep cycle marine battery with a lot of metal pontoons could increase the odds of getting struck. The weather experts say you don’t need to be in the center of the storm to get struck by lightning. You can be as much as 15 miles away and still get struck.

Also, it’s not simply here. A few times cruising with our Best Solar Batteries for RV, we saw folks washing the tops of their RVs during storms. How can you stand at the top of a metal box in the middle of a storm? Don’t you think anything could go wrong? Someone once said he was sheltered because the RV had rubber tires, which protects it. I don’t know how true this is, but I’m definitely not going to climb on the top of an RV amid a storm to find out! When the weather gets too terrible, I simply stick to what I say to people and that is to remain inside!

Talking about weather, there are two things you can depend on this season in Florida; it will be sticky and hot, and you will get thunderstorms every day. Along these lines, taking my own suggestions as I specified above, I am spending a lot of time browsing through the internet via my PC. I was planning to get an additional 5,000 words in yesterday, yet Steve the PC, being Steve, chosen it would be a decent day to screw me over. So he did, losing a lot of videos and data several times, backing off to the speed of a snail, alongside all the nasty acts he’s been putting up lately.

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