Remain Inside!

We have had a few episodes that brought about injuries and even a few fatalities here in Florida as of late. While being sorry for the casualties, I can’t resist the urge to wonder what they were even thinking.

Recently a man was struck by lightning and he died while fishing from his best pontoon boat deep cycle battery. Two weeks prior, three surfers were almost killed in New Smyrna Beach when they were struck by lightning while at the shoreline. A few days ago, the news reported another incident where someone who was hit by lightning while working on the roof of his house. In every last one of these cases, I ask why the hell they didn’t simply remain inside!

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the United States. There is a better chance that you might get struck by lightning here than any other part of the country. To make things worsen standing around in the wet sand in the middle of a lightning storm, getting on a roof or crawling on a best deep cycle marine battery with a lot of metal pontoons could increase the odds of getting struck. The weather experts say you don’t need to be in the center of the storm to get struck by lightning. You can be as much as 15 miles away and still get struck.

Also, it’s not simply here. A few times cruising with our Best Solar Batteries for RV, we saw folks washing the tops of their RVs during storms. How can you stand at the top of a metal box in the middle of a storm? Don’t you think anything could go wrong? Someone once said he was sheltered because the RV had rubber tires, which protects it. I don’t know how true this is, but I’m definitely not going to climb on the top of an RV amid a storm to find out! When the weather gets too terrible, I simply stick to what I say to people and that is to remain inside!

Talking about weather, there are two things you can depend on this season in Florida; it will be sticky and hot, and you will get thunderstorms every day. Along these lines, taking my own suggestions as I specified above, I am spending a lot of time browsing through the internet via my PC. I was planning to get an additional 5,000 words in yesterday, yet Steve the PC, being Steve, chosen it would be a decent day to screw me over. So he did, losing a lot of videos and data several times, backing off to the speed of a snail, alongside all the nasty acts he’s been putting up lately.

At long last, late toward the evening, he appeared to feel burnt out on it and started working accurately once more, and I figured out I could end the day with just shy of 3,000 words. When Steve’s replacement finally came, he was in for a surprise. I was still thinking about how to punish him; shoot him, drown him or simply place him at the top of my roof and wait for the next lightning storm.

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My Marijuana Plant and I. Part 2

For reasons unknown, growing a peppy little marijuana plant in my garden has titillated my companions and neighbors to a remarkable degree. Everyone wanted to observe my plant. It was through one of those well-wishers that I got my first scare and found out that indeed, all was not well with the plant. With a

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My marijuana plant and I

I was at a weed dispensary in Berkeley a while back and the budtender enlightened me concerning an incredible California hybrid known as ‘Blue Dream.’ Through the enchantment of organic science, she stated, this cultivar improved the terrible impacts of both of the principle strains of cannabis– indica (general stupidity, dopiness) and sativa (tension, neurosis,

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Growing Herbs Year Round for Food and Medicine

Fresh herbs are magnificent to use in the kitchen to upgrade season and nourishing value of your meal. Purchasing planters to sit on a windowsill or kitchen counter can add to your kitchen stylistic theme and freshen the air, so regardless of whether you own a garden or not, you may need a couple pots of your most used herbs and plants all through the year.

Regrowing Leeks in Water

We stuck the base of some natural leeks from the store into a glass of water and they began growing like there’s no tomorrow! So now we’re trying different things like growing them in the kitchen window as opposed to hurling the stubs. Most times, a decent hydroponic pot or something similar to that works best. In addition to adding flavor to your meals, leeks are a rich store of hydroponic nutrients!

No kitchen windowsill, no problems? Not having a windowsill does not mean you cannot grow herbs. You can simply utilize shop light, grow light or—in the event that you have space in your financial plan—a lovely plant tower close to a window or led grow light. These towers can be stacked to be shorter or taller

Besides cooking needs, herbs can make an extraordinary augmentation to spice up dips, sandwiches and salads. You can add freshly cut herbs to your cool or high temp water to soak for added nutrition or flavor, or place the dried herbs in a tea ball or herb strainer spoon for hot tea.

When you plant herbs, they’ll be snacking on springs of cilantro, mint, basil and parsley. When you treat a palette to the freshest, most beneficial nourishment on the planet, you know, from your garden, each chomp of crisp delivered is significantly more nourishing. When you fill yourself up with great meals, your hunger for junk lessens.

For the wellbeing of your family, developing these propensities will serve your youngsters with a heritage they will probably pass down affectionately to their children.

In the event that you develop your own particular herbs, it’s anything but difficult to develop them naturally, to build their wholesome, therapeutic advantage.

Grow Your Medicine

While we may disclaim any medical suggestions, it is true that these plants and herbs have been proven time and time again to have medical advantages. Counteractive action and natural cures are quite a lot less expensive, so we in our family we generally try them out first. Obviously, you should look for suitable medical counsel and take after what’s appropriate for you. This information is to be instructive and supportive and isn’t prescriptive.

Primary concern: Herbs are supplement thick, season stuffed super foods that are anything but difficult to grow and simple to utilize.

Spare cash on costly supplements of questionable strength and quality and get effective nutrition straight from nature’s pharmacy.

If you happen to be growing herbs as you read this, then you realize that extraordinary feeling of having freshly dried herbs in jars in your kitchen cupboard. If you’re not growing herbs, start looking for ways to make it a new tradition.